Countertop - Black


**Lan Shan New Products**


5 Stages All easy-change filters domestic countertop RO system

*No tools required when replacing all filters
*CE approved
*NSF tank
*touch panel computer controller
*compact size




5 stages RO system with all quick-change filters & booster pump  

1st : ST-05 5Micron sediment Quick change filter
2nd : ST-33 GAC Quick change filter
3rd : ST-CTO carbon block Quick change filter
4th : ST-RO50 Quick change membrane 
5th : ST-34 GAC quick change filter

*storage tank : 8L

*compact size W245 x D390 x H390 mm

*Invisible faucet design saves space. Can be turned around 100 degrees.

*Electronic button control water output.

*touch panel micro-computer controller

*auto leaking detection

*Aluminum fiber plate

*24 hours water quality detect

*applicable water : running or underground water


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